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Self Storage Packing GuideHow to Protect and Pack Your Items for Self Storage

There is seemingly no end to the list of things that people put in self storage units and many of them require some careful attention while packing. There are some basic principles when it comes to preparing things for storage that are true no matter what you store.

Make a list

Knowing exactly what you have to put in your self storage unit is essential. Making a list before you start means you can keep track of everything once it is tucked away in a box and know which box it is in. Keep the list so that when you take all of your possessions out of storage you can not only account for everything but unpack it in the right order.

Calculate the value

It’s essential to know the total value of what is being stored. Knowing the true value means you can arrange the correct level of insurance.

Arrange items by weight

When you’re moving heavy, bulky items it is best to move them first. Getting all of the heavier items in place means you can then fill the spaces between them with lighter weight, softer items.

Clean and Dry

Mold, mildew and bacteria love nothing more than a warm, dark, damp place to live. Before you store your items at Montana Self Storage it is important that you thoroughly clean and dry them to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria that could lead to long term damage.


Fragile items such as glassware or delicate furniture needs to have special attention paid to them. Using bubble wrap, newspaper and carefully separating items in boxes will help to prevent damage.

Fridges, Freezers, Ovens

Kitchen items such as fridges, freezers and ovens can be stored but they must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before hand. We recommend storing items such as these with doors open to prevent the propagation of mold.

Electronics (static)

Electronics are particularly vulnerable to moisture but they are also susceptible to static. When packing electronics, such as computer towers and laptops, it is important to avoid creating static electricity which can damage small, expensive components. We recommend using alternatives to bubble wrap and cling film when wrapping electronics for storage.

Garden Furniture

Many people choose to store garden furniture and equipment over the winter. When storing garden items we recommend only doing so when they are clean and dry. Storing damp wood can lead to rot and the growth of mold and mildew.

Polished surfaces

Special care should be taken when preparing polished surfaces to avoid scratching. Polished metal, glass, ceramic and wooden surfaces should be wrapped using dust sheets, blankets and double layers of bubble wrap. Care should also be taken when moving items with polished surfaces so they do not knock or bump into other objects or doorways.